Building the Best Brake Line Flaring Tools Kit

You are ready to tackle the brake job on your daily driver. You have the tubing needed to create the lines and have done all the research to start working. First, you need the right tools so that you can get down to work without having to run off to the parts store halfway through the job. You will need a brake line flaring tool kit. Should you be spending big bucks or can you borrow the one that your auto parts store has available?

The Difference Between Common and Deluxe Flaring Tool Kits

Whenever you search for a flaring tool kit online or at your local auto parts store, the first ones that you find will be fairly cheap and include just about everything needed to get the job done for under $50.

Is there a reason that you should opt for professional or deluxe kits? If you are planning on doing a single brake line replacement and probably won’t do another for another ten years, the inexpensive kit will likely do the job. If you are routinely swapping out brake lines on your hardworking truck or performance sports car for competition, the deluxe kit is well worth the investment of $80 to $200.

Both kits use the same type of motion to flare the end of the brake line, but the deluxe kit includes a long handle and heavy-duty die set so that you complete the flare with a single pull. You will spend more time cranking down on the cheaper wing-nut style flaring tool and have to stop and check to see if the flare is complete.

What Should Be Included in the Kit

If you intend on using the flaring tools for your brake lines, they must be able to create a double flare. Make sure you do not buy a single flare kit. A complete kit should include:

  • Tube Cutter—using a saw or clippers will deform the brake lines
  • Debarring Tool—will eliminate any burrs inside the lines and along the final flared end
  • Flaring Bar—it should have dies for a variety of brake line sizes
  • Standard or Deluxe Wing-nut Style Flare Press
  • Adapters for 45-degree, bubble, and 37-degree double flare

Before you grab the first kit that appeals, double-check the size of the brake line and the flare required to complete your specific brake line repair. The kit won’t work for you if it is missing the adapter for your needs. Most kits come with a hard storage case so you can keep your tools organized.

Saving Time and Frustration

Is this the first time that you are changing out the brake lines for your car or truck? You may not need a brake line flaring tool kit at all. You can order a complete brake line kit that arrives ready to plug and play. These kits include the double flared ends needed to install them without requiring additional tools, knowledge, or expertise. They are also available in the material you prefer—PVK, nickel-copper, or steel. The lines are also pre-bent, ready to be secured in place without fuss or frustration.

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