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If you’re an automotive enthusiast or technician who lacks valuable advice, reviews, and technical information on brake system components and replacement parts, you’ve come to the right place! Brake System University is the answer for you.

Brake System University connects you to quality, genuine brake system replacement parts that have been tested and reviewed by individuals just like you. Brake System University connects you to trusted reviews and referrals to help you make an educated purchase decision. You will find reviews for brake lines, brake line kits, and ABS sensors as well as reliable tips and advice for your next replacement part installation.


BRAKE SYSTEM University focuses on THREE automotive BRAKE SYSTEM repair categories.

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Brake Line Product Reviews

Review and Roundup for Brake Lines and Kits

Discover the differences, pros, and cons found in Carlson Brake Line Kits for zinc-steel, nickel-copper, and PVF brake lines.

Carlson H8450NC 50′ Copper Nickel Brake Line Coil 1/4″ Review

Start off your next brake line project with Carlson’s H8450NC 50-foot copper nickel brake line coil, available in 1/4″ diameter.

Carlson H8600 25′ PVF Brake Line Coil 3/8″ Review

See why Carlson’s twenty-five foot PVF 3/8″ brake line coil is the ideal choice for your next brake line job.

Carlson H8400NC 25′ Nickel Copper Brake Line Coil 1/4″ Review

Make your next brake line job easier with the 25′ nickel-copper 1/4″ brake line coil from Carlson Quality Brake Parts.

Carlson H8300 25′ PVF Brake Line Coil Review

Attention to detail and design make Carlson Quality Brake Parts one of the top manufacturers in the automotive industry today.

Carlson H8500 25′ PVF Brake Line Review

What better way to replace your brake lines than with Carlson’s 25’ PVF brake line coil? The PVF coating ensures maximum protection against rust and corrosion when compared to traditional steel brake lines. The low-carbon steel tubing features double-walled construction for enhanced durability, ensuring long-lasting performance for any vehicle application.

Carlson H8300NC 25′ Nickel Copper Brake Line Review

Get your hands on the Carlson 25′ nickel-copper brake line. Engineered for maximum performance, Carlson’s brake line tubing offers exceptional flexibility along with the durability needed to last for the life of your vehicle. Enjoy rust-free and burst-free longevity thanks to its robust nickel/copper composition and high burst strength.

ABS Sensor Product Tech Tips

The Importance of Purchasing Quality ABS Sensors

Learn how your ABS sensor works, how it fails, and why you should install only quality ABS sensor kits to protect your car and family.

ABS Sensor Replacement Best Practices

Is your ABS warning light on? Replacing your ABS sensor is a job easily completed by most DIYers. Use these quick tips to avoid common mistakes and get it done right the first time.

The Pros and Cons of Anti-Lock Brakes

Want to know the pros and cons of having anti-lock brakes equipped in your vehicle? View a full rundown of the benefits and drawbacks of ABS technology.

How to Test and Diagnose your Anti-Lock Braking System

ABS systems help keep you safe if you have to brake hard. Learn what issues can arise with ABS systems and how you can test and diagnose these issues.

How Do Anti-Lock Brakes Work?

How do anti-lock brakes work? Readers interested in automotive technology will find this in-depth look at anti-lock brake technology quite informative.

Testing a Wheel Speed Sensor

Diagnose a wheel sensor before replacing it to determine if the problem is with the sensor, wiring, or computer.

Replacing an ABS Wheel Sensor

Replacing an ABS wheel sensor is an easy job on most vehicles, once you determine that the wheel sensor, not other components in the ABS system, is malfunctioning.

What is a Wheel Speed Sensor and How Does it Work?

Learn how to replace a failing ABS wheel speed sensor and how important it is to purchase quality components for your daily driver.

Is My ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Bad? Symptoms, Signs, and Troubleshooting

Learn to troubleshoot and replace the ABS wheel speed sensor on your personal vehicle.

Five Common Signs of ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Failure

A faulty ABS wheel speed sensor can cause a broad range of issues, ultimately impacting your vehicle’s safety and performance. This helpful guide explains some of the more common issues you’ll encounter in the event of an ABS sensor failure.

Brake System tech tips and Advice

Why Isn’t Brake Hardware Included in Every Brake Job?

Learn how brake hardware works, how it wears out over time, and why these important parts are often not replaced during a routine brake job.

What to Inspect When Your Brake Pedal Feels Soft or Spongy

Do your brakes feel funny when you put down the pedal, but you don’t hear any grinding? Learn where to look to fix your spongy brake pedal problem.

Brake System Parts Explained: Brake Lines

An in-depth explanation of brake line functionality and importance to help vehicle owners develop a better understanding of this essential component

How Long Should Brake Lines Last in Different Regions?

Learn what parts of the country have the most corrosive air and roads that will damage traditional steel brake lines and how to prevent rust.

Do Not Neglect These 8 Brake Parts

Your car’s braking system is made up of more than pads and a pedal. Keep your ride running safe by inspecting and replacing these 8 brake parts when needed.

Why Old Brake Hardware Should Not be Reused

Learn more about the other parts used in your vehicle’s braking system and why these components should always be replaced.

What is Causing my Brakes to Squeak?

If your vehicle’s brakes are noisy or if they have made noise in the past, this insightful article will shed light on why the problem is occurring.

The Importance of Replacing Your Drum Brake Hardware

Every automobile owner should replace his or her drum brake hardware to ensure the brakes function as designed and fulfill their anticipated useful lifespan.

Review and Roundup for Brake Lines and Kits

Discover the differences, pros, and cons found in Carlson Brake Line Kits for zinc-steel, nickel-copper, and PVF brake lines.

Brake Rotors: Types, Tips, and FAQs

Learn how brake rotors are constructed, how they work, and which replacement rotors are right for your car, truck, or SUV.

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