Copper Nickel Brake Line Kit

If you are seeking a new brake line that will resist corrosion even if you travel over salt-encrusted roads, a copper-nickel brake line kit will be the kit of choice. A little pricier than steel or PVF lines, the copper-nickel alloy pays you back over time as the brake lines will last much longer.

Copper Nickel Brake Line Kits are available in 1/4 and 3/16-inch sizes in lengths of 25 feet. The 3/16-inch line is found in the majority of vehicles across the planet, while 1/4-inch is used for heavy-duty trucks. The kit includes the hex tube nuts needed to complete installation once you have bent the coil to size and flared the ends.

Zinc Coated Steel Brake Line Kit

The go-to standard for building your own replacement brake line, the Zinc Coated Steel Brake Line Kit includes everything you need to switch out your leaking lines. Your car, truck, or SUV probably rolled off the factory floor with zinc-coated steel lines, and Carlson lines meet all the industry standards for size, corrosion resistance, and formability.

Available in standard 3/16 and 1/4-inch coils of 25-feet, each compact box arrives ready to be formed with your brake line bending tool. Included hex nuts are easily installed using your flaring tool. A new zinc-coated steel brake line will have you ready to roll for another 7 to 15 years. Compared to copper-nickel lines, you will save $10 to $15 on each brake line kit when you opt for steel.

Carlson PVF Brake Line

If you have mastered the art of bending brake lines and are searching for an upgrade over steel, check out Carlson’s PVF Brake Line. The interior of the line is steel while the outside is coated with polyvinyl fluoride. This coating is more flexible, able to resist cracks due to damage from rocks and pebbles thrown up into the undercarriage of your ride. A PVF line is more of a challenge to bend into your preferred shape but can be well worth the investment. These lines are available in the same diameters as the standard steel and nickel copper lines.

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