Carlson H8300NC 25′ Nickel Copper Brake Line Review

Carlson H8300NC 25′ Nickel Copper Brake Line Review


The Carlson 25′ brake line combines nickel and copper for an easy-to-bend and long-lasting product. The nickel-copper composition makes this brake line impervious to rust, ensuring durability that far exceeds similar lines made from steel. It also offers exceptional flexibility, making it ideal for applications that require a precise fit in the most demanding of locations.

Manufacturer: Carlson Quality Brake Parts


Part Number: H8300NC Weight: 1.7 pounds Dimensions: 300 x 12.2 x 0.2 inches Origin: North America


  • Lasts longer than traditional steel brake lines

  • Bends and flares easily, allowing for easy installation

  • Capable of being manipulated with tight tolerances

  • Built to last for the life of the vehicle

  • Increased wall thickness provides high burst strength

  • Covers a broad range of U.S. and Canada light-duty vehicles

  • Conforms to ASTM B466, SAE J527, ASTM A254, and SMMT C5B


  • Requires separate fittings since none are supplied with the product


This copper-nickel brake line offers excellent performance at an affordable price, making it ideal for any DIY project. DIYers will also find this product easy to work with thanks to its exceptional flexibility, especially when compared to steel brake lines. However, you’ll need to supply your own fittings since none are included in the package. Nevertheless, you’ll receive a high-quality product that offers superior durability to traditional steel brake lines. Make sure to check the line sizes required for your vehicle prior to the installation.

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