Carlson H8500 25′ PVF Brake Line Review

Carlson H8500 25′ PVF Brake Line Review


This 25′ brake line from Carlson features a highly-durable polyvinyl fluoride coating for exceptional durability. The PVT coating offers up to 30 times more rust and corrosion resistance compared to traditional steel brake lines. The double-walled low-carbon steel construction ensures a reliable product while delivering excellent malleability with the right tools.

Manufacturer: Carlson Quality Brake Parts


Part Number: H8500
Weight: 2.3 pounds
Dimensions: 300 x 10.2 x 3 inches
Origin: North America


  • Easy to bend and flair

  • Takes less time to install

  • Lasts longer than traditional steel brake lines

  • PVF coating provides protection against rust and corrosion

  • Double-walled construction offers excellent durability

  • Covers a broad range of domestic and foreign vehicles

  • Meets SAE J527B, GM123M, SAEJ1290, and DIN 74234 specifications


  • Does not include standard or metric brake fittings

  • Some may prefer the silver finish of traditional zinc-coated steel brake lines


This PVF brake line offers the perfect blend of performance, durability and affordability. The PVF coating ensures long-lasting service for any vehicle, although some may prefer the traditional silver color of standard steel brake lines to black PVF coating. Don’t forget to pick up a separate set of standard or metric fittings, since none are supplied with this product. Double-check the line sizes needed for your vehicle prior to installation.

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