Carlson H8400NC 25′ Nickel Copper Brake Line Coil 1/4″ Review

Carlson H8400NC 25′ Nickel Copper Brake Line Coil 1/4″ Review


Carlson’s H8400NC nickel-copper brake line coil outlasts similar steel brake lines thanks to its durable construction and resistance to rust. Nickel-copper construction also makes it easier to bend and flare than steel lines, cutting down installation times and difficulty. This 1/4″ nickel-copper brake line also offers higher burst strength thanks to its enhanced wall thickness.

Manufacturer: Carlson Quality Brake Parts


Part Number: H8400NC
Weight: 2.29 pounds
Dimensions: 300 x 14 x 0.31 inches
Origin: North America


  • Impervious to rust

  • Bends and flares easily for trouble-free installation

  • Lasts longer than comparable steel brake line

  • High burst strength due to enhanced wall thickness

  • Designed for most light-duty vehicles sold in the U.S. and Canada

  • Conforms to ASTM B466, SAE J527, ASTM A254 and SMMT C5B specs


  • Does not include brake line fittings


Whether you’re a professional finishing a demanding brake line job or a DIYer replacing your own line, you’ll find the Carlson H8400NC 25′ nickel-copper brake line coil to be the part you need. It’s the perfect replacement for any vehicle using a steel brake line, thanks to this coil’s nickel-copper composition and high burst strength. However, you’ll need to purchase your own fittings for this 1/4″ brake line coil separately.

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